Bridal Packages


Bride's Package (Bride Services) Includes:

Consultation, Full Set, Mini-Fill, Sealer

And 4 Bridesmaid Packages =$499

 Bridesmaid Package

Includes Consultation, Flare Set

Mobile Services available within a 30 mile radius.  

Fees for this custom service priced individually.  Please select and complete the "Contact Us" tab for a free quote.  

Some of the Testimonials below from our brides.........

At the insistence of my maid of honor, I agreed to get lash extensions for my wedding.  Now, to paint a clear picture, I was getting married on a beach.........on a remote island but I can promise this was by far one of the best choices I could have made to prepare for my special day. Apparently, I didn't get the memo that you are supposed to start this eyelash thing at least 3-4wks before your wedding.  Naomi fit me in for 2 appointments before I left for my big day.  Her place is extremely hygienic (and this is coming from a M.D.) adorably decorated, and that fluffy vibrating bed you  lay on while she worksher magic!  I have to say, the transformation these lashes provided was astounding!!  I never dreamed I could look so beautiful, yet so NATURAL.  Naomi, you are an EYELASH GOD!!! These lashes have stood up to every challenge I could bring.  They remained perfectly manicured after scuba diving, ski diving, bungee jumping, mountain biking, yoga, and basically anything my New Zealand honeymoon could throw at me.  I used to be one of those girls who made fun of people with "fake lashes", sorry ladies :)  I have actually cancelled my massage membership and joined the Lash Club!  THANK YOU Naomi for turning me into the most beautiful bride I could ever hope to be, and for being the gorgeous soul that you are.
Sandy K
I just got back from my appointment at the Lashed Up and I can confirm Naomi is a lash perfectionist.  I have some stubborn lashes that twist and she managesdto put extensions on them that look so natural my co-workers couldn't believe they weren't my lashes that miraculously grew overnight...haha.  Smearing my mascara on my special day is one less thing to worry about!  So, so happy!  Thank you Naomi:)
Janie S
I was referred to Naomi by a friend and I'm so thankful...shes.'s my new BFF.  I priced other lash shops and as a "Bride to Be" they jacked the price up to the sky.....I purchased the Bridal Package and can confirm that my lash extensions were amazing throughout the wedding and honeymoon:)  I actually drove  2 hours (one way) for my appointment and can confirm these lashes were worth it.  I left with complete satisfaction and the knowledge of how to care for them properly.  
Deanna S