We specialize in the highest quality, medical grade products that are formaldehyde free, safe and long lasting. We have a wide variety of lengths, widths, colors and styles.   We customize your individual lashes to your satisfaction and desire from our most popular "keep em guessing" lashes to stage lashes or somewhere in between.

 All services include consultation and after care instructions and tools.


Our Lash Technicians holds MASTER LASH Lash Extension Certification and has extensive training (minimum of 400+ classroom hours) with 10+ years of experience!  

Instantly look and feel years younger and save precious time in your daily routine. Say goodbye to your mascara and move up to the world of  lash extensions....we promise, you'll never look back except to see your new more beautiful reflection! 

Natural Full Set (below)  

 Glamour Set (shown below) includes both top and bottom lashes.      

Two Toned and Jeweled Sets shown below

To SCHEDULE your appointment, please complete the "contact" us tab on our homepage and you will be contacted on "our" next business day or call/text during regular business hours, 10-7, Monday-Saturday. Please text or call (479) 387-7304 to schedule your appointment.  


LashedUP• Fayetteville, AR

We look forward to lashing you UP!



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