Lash Services 

Natural Full Set



Volume, Hybrid Lashes


Glamour Full Set-Upper and Lower Lashes   



Flare Set-Mid Eye to Outside Corner 



Fill Services 2-week and/or 50% of extensions  (intact in good condition)

 (our product only)

$79 Regular 2 week Fill

$129 Regular 3 week Fill 

$99  2 week Volume/Hybrid Fill

$159 3 week Volume/Hybrid Fill 



 A minimum of 50% of lash extensions are required to qualify for a fill price. If removal/replacement is required fees may apply for non-members. Fills are recommended every 2 weeks for the average client.  Human lashes naturally regenerate on average every 90 days and each lash has it's unique timeline.  

Unlike your hair on your scalp-the average person regenerates1-5 lashes everyday.  99.9% of our clients require a fill for new growth every 2 weeks to stay "full".  Lash Extensions DO NOT harm your lashes if they are applied correctly by a professional, licensed using safe and effective products. Studies show the average lash technician in the market today has less than 10 hours of training.....and does not hold a Specialty Lash Extension license!   

Our Lash Technicians hold "MASTER LASH" Certifications, Specialty Lash Extension Licenses with extensive training (minimum of 400+ classroom hours) with  8+ years of experience!  

A complete consultation and detailed after care instructions is included at your intial appointment.   

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All services are guaranteed and confirmed discounts will be applied at time of service.  Non-members  may be  required to pay in advance for scheduled services.  Additional charges may be applied without 24 hour notice to cancle and reschedule. Discount vouchers may be forfeited if 24 hour notice is not given to reschedule/cancel.  We ❤️ Kiddos but can’t watch your children and do your service! Thank you and we look f