Lash Lift/Tinting/

Keratin Boosting Services



Beautify your eyes by lifting, darkening and curling your lashes with this (all in one) treatment.


This Volume Lash Lift/Tint/Keratin Boosting Serum offers a beautiful 3 to 4 week lasting result and is designed for those clients who prefer the lowest maintenance.   This service will give you everything you need for a beautiful, darker and long lasting lift/curl with a Keratin boost that makes lashes look longer, thicker with the added shine from Keratin.  This is a  a great solution to enhance your eyelashes.....only 2nd to our lash extentions.

 (lasts up to 3 to 4 weeks for most clients)  


(Includes Tinting, Lift and Keratin Boost)

Results vary depending on the natural lash color, length and lash age.  Please allow 1 hour for this service.



$39~Upper and Lower Lashes

$19~Lower Lashes Only